Electromagnetic Energy Could Be the Future

With our world soon reaching the global heating tipping point, companies are scrambling to find a solution to this dire problem. However, two people may have found a way to generate electricity in a sustainable and scalable way.

In this discussion, host Daniel Litwin is joined by Iyad Baghdane and Alexis Herrera, the founders of A&I Power. Their energy company poses a transformation of the electrical industry, thanks to its reimagining of traditional power generation without the need for turbines and fossil fuels.

Here, they discussed the vision behind their technology, potential use cases and applications, as well as the challenges they foresee with integration at scale.

With the renewable energy sources that are available today, “reliability is a big question,” said Baghdane. “It’s not all about efficiency.”

He continued: “Conventional power is still the only true power source that we can rely on 24/7, 365 days a year, regardless of whether there’s enough sun or if there’s enough wind. The challenge with that is that with conventional we’re still relying on a dirty source, and it’s a source that, once you consume it, you can’t get it back.”

Herrera added, “What we discovered here is that our technology is more than 90% reliable and 90% efficient, so it’s as comparable to the reliability of a nuclear plant… Our technology is more applicable for the change we need today to fight climate change and air pollution.”

The partners went on to describe just how their patented power generation technology worked. Their secret? Getting rid of the combustion process used in traditional electrical generators, which typically use large amounts of fossil fuels.

“As long as you can provide that frequency, you don’t need the combustion,” revealed Baghdane. Eliminating that process means that you don’t need fossil fuels to generate electricity, and as a result, you’ll have zero gas emissions as well.