Michael Faraday (1791-1867) defined the basics of electromagnetism. Early electrical production based on his science was driven by water wheels. Fossil fuels then became a major input into power generation. The first lead to a limited area for generator placement. The second has caused climate issues. Both solutions use moving parts that add up to significant cost and create inefficiency.

A&I Power Group’s founders, with decades of power generation experience, looked for a more efficient way. The result is US Granted Patent 10,770,937 for a high efficiency power generation system.

The patent describes a generator that uses a static core, wrapped in electrical wire, to provide oscillations that, when transferred to the stators will generate electricity.

A prototype that can provide sufficient output electricity to extract a portion in a feedback loop to continue providing input. That means an initial power source is needed and this power source can be removed after the feedback loop is in place, making the generator efficient and portable.