Tomorrow's Energy Production Is Here

The global energy market is at a crossroads. Fossil fuels aren’t renewable and international agreements such as the Paris Agreement have brought a focus on alternative energy. However, solar, wind and tidal renewable energy require large amounts of land, driving up CAPEX and OPEX. What’s needed is a no-carbon emission source that can limit capital and operational expenses.

A&I Power’s patented generator doesn’t require fossil fuels, is self-contained, and doesn’t have moving parts, and, as a result, is more efficient than traditional power generation technologies. The results include:

Scalable Solution

The lack of a formal engine, an initial input of energy that can be from a battery, and the feedback loop removing the requirement for constant outside energy input mean that this power generation technology is highly scalable. The range of energy use, includes but is not limited to:


No carbon footprint. Portability. Scalability.

The future of sustainable energy can be provided by the A&I Power Group generator’s patented technology. Whether in large generating plants, vehicles, or small, mobile, generators, the solution can provide the world with a variety of energy needs.